About Rabun Builders


 With Rabun Builders...
                              The Sky Is The Limit

Kurt Cannon of Rabun Builders truly loves the natural beauty of his native Rabun County, Georgia. He and his family have spent over 29 years building custom homes that incorporate its natural elements of woods, light, rocks and water.

  Cannon is an 8th generation descendant in Rabun, who developed an interest in building when he attended the Foxfire Program and Industrial Arts and Construction Trades Program in public school. The students moved and reassembled old cabins to build the Foxfire Village in Mountain City, GA as a cultural education project. Although he attended college, when it came time to make a career decision, the love of building stayed with him.

Since 1989 Rabun Builders' slogan has been "From a Little Log Cabin to a Mansion on a Mountain." Each Northeast Georgia custom home is custom made down to the smallest details. Most of his clients are retirees or vacation home owners.

Cannon enjoys taking on the challenges of building into the side of a mountain. "The more difficult the building site, the more amazing the view," he says.

"I love what I do," Cannon says. "I like giving back to the area because Rabun County has sustained my family for generations, and, I hope, for generations to come through building Northeast Georgia custom homes."